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Helping clients identify the complexities of their financial lives and providing clarity in bringing everything together optimally.

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We help individuals and families solve the financial puzzle.
Our purpose is to help every client identify the pieces of their financial life and provide clarity on how to bring everything together. Let Capital Financial Planners help you get the most from life by bringing all the pieces together, optimally.


Wealth Management
Values and Vision for Your Wealth, Strategic Planning, Tailored Investments, ESG/Socially Responsible Capabilities, Monitor and Review Portfolios, Multi-Generational Planning.

Financial Planning
Retirement Transition Planning, Sustainability Analysis, Distribution Strategies, Social Security Strategies, Collaboration with Your Insurance Team.

Estate Planning
Collaboration with Your Legal Team, Trust & Estate Services, Charitable Planning Strategies, Estate Tax and Gifting Strategies, Beneficiary Coordination.

Tax Planning
Collaboration with Your Financial Team, Tax Minimization Approach, Portfolio Coordination, Tax Law Updates.

Team Approach
Your Existing Professional Network, True Internal Partnership Structure, Third-Party Resources, One Call Concierge Relationship.

Client Communication
Personal Meetings, Phone Calls, Virtual Meetings, Social Media, Website, Email, Newsletters, Client Events and Client Advisory Board.


A team, working for you.
“If you want to walk fast, walk alone. If you want to walk far, walk together.”
This African proverb beautifully summarizes the approach we take at Capital Financial Planners. We believe our best work comes from serving as a team, not as individuals. This allows our clients to benefit from the professional and life experience from all members of our team and professional network, not just a single advisor. By putting the needs of our clients at the beginning of every step, with a customer-first service model, we are able to plan and customize the entire wealth management process to serve you, optimally.

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"Isn't it funny how day by day nothing changes, but when you look back everything is different."
-C.S. Lewis
The essence of a puzzle is identifying and organizing different pieces to be arranged, developing a strategy, and then fitting all the pieces together.

In the puzzle of life, pieces are sometimes hard to see. Harder still is how all of these pieces come together, optimally.

Working with Capital Financial Planners, you’ll discover we live by the principle that identifying and prioritizing the important pieces of life’s puzzle is the most effective strategy to living life optimally.

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Let’s talk about life
About how you plan to live
The unanswered questions
Understanding sources of fear and anxiety
Your concerns for the future
Freedom to have bigger ideas
Imagining what wealth can unlock for you
Caring for the individual
Casting a legacy
A sacred trust
Understanding all the pieces
And how they all come together