New Year, New Look​

January 01, 2021

Just before the sky began to fall in 2020, we set out on a journey to reimagine the way in which we present Capital Financial Planners from a visual standpoint. We hope you enjoy the resulting new look as much as we do, and want you to be aware of further changes to come.

To most, the new logo appears as lush trees, appropriate for our Northwest location, and representative of our long-term perspective on both growth and relationships. However, you should know the backstory of how this design came to be and the deeper meaning behind it.

Chad describes our role as somewhat akin to that of the old country doctor; the person who knows you as more than data on lab results, but for the person with family and with hopes, dreams, and wishes. Carrying this further, the medical instrument we believe representative of what we do is the stethoscope, an instrument that quite literally hears the heart of a patient, and an instrument which requires the user to listen to and interpret a patient’s needs. The “trees” in our logo are actually a aggregation of parts of stethoscopes.

Along with a new logo comes a new website, so check it out at In the coming months, we intend to open a client web portal through the site that will not only serve as a means of monitoring accounts, but also as a secure “document vault” through which account statements, tax and estate planning documents, and other information can be stored. This client portal will also be accompanied by a Capfina client app for your mobile devices.

Additionally, we’re endeavoring to provide more frequent communication on timely topics through both our website, and our new Facebook and LinkedIn pages. Alas, this brings to an end the printed version of this publication, but we certainly hope the more timely and regular communication is a welcome alternative.

We welcome your questions or feedback as we march forward with these improvements, and look forward to making them available to you in 2021.