January 15, 2021

2020 is certainly a year for the history books, and it’s with pleasure we see it that direction… toward history. With a global pandemic, social unrest, devastating natural disasters, a contentious election, and what could be described as the most violent bear market in history, any one of these events could be cause for a challenging year.

In our case, add to the above the sudden disruption to our everyday business lives the mid-year announcement of the closure of our longtime compliance partner (while working from home), through which all of our client contracts existed, transitioning our business in approximately two months when one might normally consider a six-to-twelve-month period for such, all while making a major software change, and 2020 definitely goes down as memorable for us.

Going through the world events we’ve been through and registering Capital Financial Planners as an SEC registered investment advisor (RIA), we find the word gratitude surfacing as our word to describe 2020.

While anyone could complain or find negative things to say about 2020, it was a year during which we leaned toward counting our blessings. It is with gratitude we live in and are blessed with the ability to serve our community, mindful of the economic pain our neighbors in small businesses have suffered and of the outpouring of community support for these neighbors. We have gratitude for medical professionals and for the health and well-being of our families and loved ones; for incredible scientists that have brought the world a vaccine at “warp speed.” It is with gratitude we thank our teachers and those in education; those who make it possible for us to buy groceries and otherwise enable some sense of normalcy.

We have tremendous gratitude for the incredible people we have the pleasure of working with; our clients, their accountants, attorneys, and other professionals; and Danae and Megan who so capably keep our business humming along.

And it is with humble gratitude we share with you that, despite all that occurred in 2020, Capital Financial Planners as a business is thriving, having had its best year ever. We thank you for the privilege of serving you and we look forward to continuing to do so for many years to come.