Exciting News From Capfina

September 13, 2022

Last Fall, we wrote about Chad’s cancer diagnosis.  Given our continuing commitment to transparency, we share with you that he is doing well, all things considered.  Chad continues to get daily exercise and maintain generally normal business hours.  He is receiving excellent treatment from his oncologist’s office in Salem and, since June, has been participating in a clinical trial at the Phil Knight Cancer Research Center.  Chemotherapy was completed in March, which appears to have killed the cancer in his bones, and he continues hormone treatments to starve remaining cancer cells of testosterone.  Apart from very normal struggles with fatigue, the biggest impact to his routine is not his health but rather managing medical appointments.

As the first phase of the clinical trial comes to an end later this fall, Chad’s ability to travel and complete some of his life goals will be improved.  Hence, he will begin working more remotely; something modern technology accommodates quite well.  Please know that his commitment to our clients, his colleagues, and our community remains steadfast, and we expect his occasional remote work will hardly be noticeable.

On an entirely different subject, we are very excited to share that our own Operations & Client Services Manager, Danae Johnson, recently began her CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ studies with the intention of eventually becoming a wealth advisor alongside Barry and Chad.   Danae has been with the firm since 2008 and, as many of our clients know well, with her commitment to the client experience, her extraordinary attention to detail, personable nature, and unique proximity to the planning process, she is the ideal candidate for this role.  As business has grown, we’ve been on the lookout for a new advisor, and Danae will allow us to continue to serve clients the way we believe they should be served.  We couldn’t be happier and look forward to this next chapter in her career journey!

We anticipate Danae will sit for the CFP exam sometime in late-2023 following which she will begin formally advising clients while transferring some administrative duties.  Given her experience, she will no doubt maintain managerial oversight of all things operationally in the firm, though we anticipate eventually adding to our administrative staff as Danae increases her advisory responsibilities.

As always, we are deeply grateful to serve and, on a personal note, for the support and many kindnesses shown to us during these prodigious last 12 months.  Our clients and friends are truly amazing. Thank you.